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Expand the capabilities of your current system with these 3-Powerful Enhancers designed by Bennett McDowell to help you find better trades

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Bennett McDowell has created these 3-Powerful Enhancers to give you even more tools to help you grow your profits.

You can use each of these 3-Powerful Enhancers as a stand-alone trading tool, or combine them with your current trading system.  They can be used for any market such as stocks, commodities/futures, Forex, options, and on any time frame.

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Optimum Wave Locator (OWL) Indicator

This indicator takes the guess work out of locating the dominant trend and when used with your current trading system or approach will help boost your profits. With this indicator you also get high probability trend forecasts.

The Optimum Wave Locator (OWL) indicator locates and labels the major trade-able waves in markets known as "Impulsive Trends" for the highest profit in the least amount of time. OWL identifies Wave 3 which is the most profitable and powerful wave in the Elliott Wave pattern. It sorts out minor corrections from major changes in trend.

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Precision Trend Filter (PTF) Indicator

The Precision Trend Filter (PTF) Indicator establishes when there is a high probability that the market will make either higher highs or lower lows. This filter takes the guess work out of knowing if the trend will continue or not.  When used with your current trading system or approach, the PTF will help boost your profits.

With this indicator you can filter your trades and also determine if you should stay with the trend.  You will love the PTF because it will help you determine if you should "Scale-out".  It does not replace the your current trading system but enhances its performance.

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TrendLine Master (TLM) Indicator

The TrendLine Master (TLM) automatically draws the correct trend lines onto your charts and when used with your current trading system or approach will boost your profits. It is actually two studies in one great software package:

  • TrendLine Master: Automatically uses key support levels to establish and automatically draw trend lines on your charts
  • TrendLine Master Ribbon: Appears as an indicator at the bottom of your chart and indicates current trend at a quick glance

With this indicator you will know instantly what the trend currently is.

$798 value

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I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with this bundle of 3-Powerful Enhancers!

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  • Includes Lifetime Licenses For OWL, PTF, & TLM Indicators
  • Choose from many platforms including: TradeStation, NinjaTrader, eSignal, MultiCharts, MT4 and MT5
  • Includes free software updates and NO FEES monthly or annually
  • Quick Start 1-on-1 Private Consultation to get you up and running fast
  • 30-days Platinum Care support where we install the softaware for you and you can try two platforms before you choose the one you want
  • Lifetime Weekly Client Support Webinars with Bennett McDowell so you are never alone and have ongoing support
  • VIP Membership Club with a portal to access recordings from all previous Client Support Webinars, and access to NEW software updates so you can download software updates as soon as they are released
  • 10-Calendar Day Money Back Guarantee

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Yes! I Want To Get The 3-Enhancer Bundle Now

Regularly $2,394 — Now Just $718

Buy Now And Save 70%