Discover How To Generate Consistent Cash Flow With The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Home-Study Course & Lifetime Software Tools

This simple to implement strategy works on all markets and time frames ... and ... works in both booming economic conditions and also in recessions.

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How the "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Education & Software Bundle Transforms the Way You Trade

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And by popular demand, we bring you the "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Rules & Home-Study Course with Lifetime $$$ CASH FLOW NOW $$$ Software tools.  This strategy package is designed to generate consistent cash flow for you from your trading.

Here are a few highlights on how this remarkable strategy will transform the way you trade:

  • Gives you an edge in the markets and is designed to generate CASH FLOW.
  • Requires just an average to small amount of capital.
  • Works in all markets and all time frames and is easy to use.
  • Effective in both Bull and Bear markets.
  • High octane easy to implement Options Plays to Boost CASH FLOW even more.
  • Step-by-Step Trading Plan with simple rules to follow.
  • Works with the following® Software tools: Trade Confirmer Scanner, PTF (Precision Trend Filter) and RRC (Risk Reward Calculator).
  • Includes LIFETIME $$$ CASH FLOW NOW $$$ Software Tools: Trade Confirmer Scanner, PTF and RRC software included with purchase.

You'll have a way to generate cash flow without needing to subscribe to a pick service, or follow a mentor's tips.  Instead this strategy will teach you how to fish for yourself so that you can independently generate consistent cash flow for a lifetime.

Bennett McDowell, the "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Creator and Developer

Meet Bennett McDowell

Bennett McDowell, Founder of

Bennett A. McDowell, founder of®, began his financial career on Wall Street and later became a Registered Securities Broker and Financial Advisor for Prudential Securities and Morgan Stanley.  As a financial advisor, Bennett’s niche was Active Trading and Investing for a community of high net worth clients using his own proprietary trading system.  This system later became known as the Applied Reality Trading®, or the ART®, system. Bennett brought the ART® software to the public in the year 2003.

Today the ART® system is used in over 80 countries around the world by sophisticated hedge fund managers, individual investors and active traders alike. Since the ART® software was released, McDowell has developed many additional software tools that are also being used worldwide.

An expert in technical analysis and complex trading platforms, Bennett speaks at trade shows including the Trader’s Expo and writes articles for many leading trading publications including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.  Internationally recognized as a leader in trading education, Bennett teaches trading to students worldwide through his company®.®, Applied Reality Trading® and The Traders Assistant® Record Keeping System have received numerous Stocks & Commodities magazine Readers’ Choice Awards. Plus, McDowell has written three bestselling books published by John Wiley & Sons: The ART® of Trading, A Trader’s Money Management System and Survival Guide for Traders. His new book Elliott Wave Techniques Simplified was released by McGraw Hill in 2016.

With The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Home-Study Course & Software Bundle You're Never Alone Thanks To Our Ongoing Support

Ongoing Weekly Live Training

Join us weekly for these interactive training webinars. You'll get answers to your questions in real time during each session. Your trading skills will grow faster than ever as we show you how to use your software in any market, any time frame, and on the charting platform of your choice. And, you get a recording of each week's training to study at your convenience.

24/7 Email Support

We are right there by your side 24-hours a day and 7-days a week.  Just send an email to our expert support team at and you will get answers to your questions on a variety of topics including: computer and platform trouble shooting, answers on how to use your software, guidance on where to find the right videos and training materials, and so much more.

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"I've been loving your products, to be honest I've never felt so much in control of my trading before. Been doing this for about 3 to 4 years, with a lot of opportunities to grow, but since I read Bennett's book and got with, I feel supported and treated NOT as a number, but as a fellow trader."

Rodrigo C. Manitoba, Canada

"Bennett, I can't thank you enough for all the work you have done to fix my problem. You guys (and gals?) have taken customer service to a new level. I'm up and running!"

Stan Stokes Asheville, NC

"Just a quick THANK YOU SOOOO much! You are a joy to work with. I appreciate your patience with me and I have enjoyed the webcast. So easy. I am highly recommending your company to all my friends! Thanks again."

John G. Milltown, NJ

"You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Your products and services are great. God bless you and your family, and although a bit further out, have a very happy Thanksgiving."

Medhat I. Giza, Egypt

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The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Home-Study Course– You get Lifetime access to the course through your VIP Membership area.

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Trade Confirmer Scanner Lifetime Software License – Includes: Trade Confirmer with Charting Platforms Available: TradeStation, MultiCharts & NinjaTrader.

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Precision Trend Filter (PTF) Lifetime Software License – Includes: Precision Trend Filter with Charting Platforms Available: TradeStation, MultiCharts & NinjaTrader.

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Risk Reward Calculator (RRC) Lifetime Software License – Includes: Risk Reward Calculator Software - stand alone software, needs no charting platform.

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30-Days Platinum Care – For unlimited live remote technical support and installation of your software. Our technical professionals install your software so you don't have to.  And, you get to try out multiple charting platforms to see which one is best for you.

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FREE BONUS!® VIP Club Membership Ongoing Weekly Live Support Training Webinars (Lifetime Access) – Get interactive (you ask questions and get answers in real time) weekly education with Bennett McDowell on how to implement your "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" on any market and on any time frame and on the charting platform of your choice.

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Get The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Education & Software Bundle And See How Powerful It Is

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I want you to see for yourself how POWERFUL my “Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy Home-Study Course” can be for you.

I’ve been writing best-selling books on trading and investing for a long time. And my students love my live seminars. Now, with the "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy Home-Study Course" , you’ll discover how to generate consistent cash flow in all markets and all time frames!

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Get $$$ CASH FLOW NOW $$$ With The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Education & Software Bundle 

The "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" works with these® software tools:

  • Trade Confirmer Scanner Software
  • PTF (Precision Trend Filter) Software
  • RRC (Risk Reward Calculator)
  • Choose from a variety of charting platforms including: TradeStation, MultiCharts & NinjaTrader
  • All this software is included with your purchase of the "Ultimate Cash Flow Strategy" Education & Software Bundle