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Let professional trader Bennett McDowell do all the work for you –
the scanning, the number crunching and the analysis each week to deliver his popular weekly "Market Opportunities Report" service which includes a comprehensive written report and video every Sunday

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How The “Weekly MOR Service” Works For You

1.) You Will Receive A Personal Username & Password® has created an easy to access "VIP Membership" area for clients to download and access information at anytime.  You will have access to download your "Weekly MOR Service" materials - including your report and video each week using your personal username and password.

2.) Weekly Written Market Report

Each Sunday download Bennett's written report with important pre-market Monday statistics including key weekly price levels and a summary of what to expect EACH WEEK!  This timely short term analysis keeps you in the know as to what's happening in the markets right now.

3.) Weekly Video Market Report

Also, each Sunday you can download Bennett's timely video that complements the written weekly report for added understanding of exactly what the market is likely to do next so you can stay on top of ideal trading opportunities.

4.) Weekly Live Interactive Webinars With Bennett McDowell

You get ongoing support every week in a live webinar event where you can ask Bennett questions and get answers in real-time.  This support is ongoing for as long as you keep your MOR service current, we work with you every step of the way.

5.) Best Trade Opportunities

Bennett will share his years of experience and will provide you with high probability market opportunities each and every week.  His subscribers love getting fresh ideas that translate into profitable trades for them.

6.) Let Us Do The Work

We give you the best weekly analysis and opportunities after searching and scanning the markets for potential candidates using high probability analysis based on price patterns, proprietary forecasting methods and price target zones designed to capture profits before trends reverse.

7.) Potential Movers & Slackers

Every trader wants to know where they should be looking for new trades... which is why Bennett will pinpoint certain markets that look ripe for profitable trades.

8.) Lock in your savings!

Lock in your savings for as long as your subscription remains current.

9.) Who Is The "Weekly MOR Service" For?

If you are a beginning to intermediate trader or active investor, with at least basic chart-reading skills, you will gain the most from these informative weekly reports and videos. The traders who get the most from the "Weekly MOR Service" are those who are dedicated to trading profitably... And want only the best analysis for the upcoming week!


"I have been taking every trade, I have completed 34 trades with a 65% win rate and 2.07 Profit Factor. Using a fixed dollar risk per trade I have gained 10.48 times the amount I have risked per trade. Those are fantastic results in my opinion, thanks for the great picks!"

Joe B. Shoreview, MN

""I've been tracking all your picks. Right now, although only 37 long stock picks are closed, it resulted in a profit of $86K assuming a risk of 2K on each trade. Amazing!!!...""

Mark B. Renton, WA

Meet Bennett McDowell,
Founder Of®

Meet Bennett McDowell

Bennett McDowell, "MOR" Market Analyst

Bennett A. McDowell, founder of®, began his financial career on Wall Street and later became a Registered Securities Broker and Financial Advisor for Prudential Securities and Morgan Stanley.  As a financial advisor, Bennett’s niche was Active Trading and Investing for a community of high net worth clients using his own proprietary trading system.  This system later became known as the Applied Reality Trading®, or the ART®, system.

Bennett brought the ART® software to the public in the year 2003.  Today the ART® system is used in over 80 countries around the world by sophisticated hedge fund managers, individual investors and active traders alike. Since the ART® software was released, McDowell has developed many additional software tools that are also being used worldwide.

An expert in technical analysis and complex trading platforms, Bennett speaks at trade shows including the Trader’s Expo and writes articles for many leading trading publications including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.  Internationally recognized as a leader in trading education, Bennett teaches trading to students worldwide through his company®.®, Applied Reality Trading® and The Traders Assistant® Record Keeping System have received numerous Stocks & Commodities magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

Plus, McDowell has written three bestselling books published by John Wiley & Sons: The ART® of Trading, A Trader’s Money Management System and Survival Guide for Traders. His new book Elliott Wave Techniques Simplified was released by McGraw Hill in 2016.

""Ben, Excellent call on the market....thanks 'BIG TIME'. Saved a bunch of money on the down side ...Your Report is the "BEST!!!"

Kirby L. Gilbert, AZ

With the “Weekly MOR Service” You're Never Alone Thanks to Our Ongoing Weekly Live Client Support Webinars

Ongoing Weekly Live Training

No matter if you are a total beginner or have years of experience with investing and/or trading, we are here to help make sure the experience is smooth and easy:

Join us weekly for these interactive training webinars. You'll get answers to your questions in real time during each session.Your trading skills will grow faster than ever as we show you how to use your subscriptions.

Experience The “Weekly MOR Service”
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Dear Trader,

I want you to see for yourself how POWERFUL my “Weekly MOR Service”  can be for you.

The traders I typically work with are very smart people: engineers, doctors, and other savvy people who know how to think.

They are good analytical thinkers and are committed to developing an emotion-free way of trading the markets.

But the one complaint I hear from them all the time is that it just takes so long to analyze the markets to find good markets to trade... and then it can be difficult to trust what you think you're seeing on the charts.

That's why my "Weekly MOR Service"  can be so helpful to any trader who is serious about finding a way to be more consistently successful.

I'm dedicated to giving you fast information you can use immediately. You won't need to study for hours to figure out how you are going to trade.

I have been writing best-selling books on trading and investing for a long time. And my students love my live seminars. Now, with my "Weekly MOR Service", I will show you the best markets to trade each week!

Why do I give you so much information in such an easy-to-understand way?

Because that’s exactly how I wanted someone to do it when I was getting started as a trader, but nothing like this existed!

If you’re even a little curious about how this training works, you need to activate your subscription today and be prepared to be blown away with everything I'm ready to give you.

I look forward to working with you!


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"I started equity momentum/position live trading using ART® and your picks. I just completed my 100th trade when SUNE hit its price target this morning. I have doubled my equity trading capital in 11 months. Of particular satisfaction is the fact that of the 100 trades, 6 were my own picks, based on your coaching/training and the ART® system and I am at 100% win on those picks! I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you do. The tools, support and encouragement that® provides is outstanding and I look forward to continuing to work with you and to continue to grow as a trader. Thanks and many blessings to you."

Dean J. Olympia, WA

"Ben: Thought I would send you a quick note. I really enjoyed your presentation last night. You tied all of the pieces up very nicely. I must say you have done a remarkable job of combining and orchestrating several envelopes to achieve optimization of market dynamics, and risk control, to produce the end result of superior trading results.

These pieces are all part of my mosaic but you have assembled them perfectly, well beyond where I am currently at.
My hat is off to you for the work that you have done. Needles to say I look forward to working closely with you and your team as we move forward. Have a nice weekend and I will talk to you next week."

John W. Baltimore, MD

"I have been a subscriber to your reports since you started. I want to give you some feedback about those features that I find most useful and my results. You approach trading as a science. The science of probabilities. Your methodology gives us the highest probabilities of what is going to happen in the market This scientific approach takes the fear & greed (well most of the greed) out of trading. It is automated, structured and without emotion. You give us an edge where most others do not. Your methodology has allowed me to methodically profit from the market where others lose their money to me. These results are consistent and reproducible. For me, this is THE pathway to wealth! I have not seen any system or approach that is as simple and profitable as yours. Thank you so much. I am excited about my financial future!"

Scott R. San Diego, CA