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Better than a black box, traders worldwide are using this suite of advanced intelligence software that finally conquer your emotional mistakes ... while constantly adjusting to ever-changing market conditions with ease.

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30-Day Trial On This Suite Of Trading Software

How These Tools Transform the Way You Trade

When it comes to computerizing your trading approach, no one has the time nor the skill to do it themselves.

Yet Wall Street firms hire armies of computer programmers to give them an edge. Which means you are at a huge disadvantage if you decide to go it alone.

That's why we created a suite of powerful trading software tools ...

High Probability Signals

These tools are designed to take the guesswork out of your trading. They provide you with a structured approach to give you high probability signals for entry, exits, risk control, and scanning.

Built-in Intelligence

We have designed these software tools with built-in market intelligence to constantly adjust to ever-changing conditions you will experience.

Better Than A Black Box

This advanced set of software tools are better than a black box because they have the flexibility to adjust and grow with you. This structured approach helps eliminate the stress and emotion from your trading that can lead to costly mistakes.

Lifetime Support

Plus, you have our constant guidance and support for life to keep you on course.

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John G. Milltown, NJ

"It is my pleasure to recommend for membership. I’ve enjoyed their leadership, market experience, and products for trading in any market. Their approach is second to none when talking about their client’s interest. The level of extended training provided is phenomenal. has my highest recommendation for anyone looking to better themselves from a trading standpoint. You won’t be disappointed."

Arturo, M. Marysville, WA

With Your 30-Day Trial You're Never Alone Thanks To Our Ongoing World-Class Customer Support

No matter if you are a total beginner or have years of experience with computers and/or trading, we are here to help make sure the experience is smooth and easy.

Here's Exactly What You Are Receiving When You Order Your 30-Day Trading Software Trial Today

30-Day Trial On All Of The Tradng Software – Including: ART, OWL, PTF, TLM, ERI, Elliott Wave Scanner, Turbo Scanner, Confirmer Scanner, And Multiple Time Frame Scanner.

You save 25% off the regular price of any Lifetime software you purchase before the end of the trial:

  • ART - 25% Discounted Price $2,998
  • (ART - Regular Price $3,998)
  • OWL, PTF, TLM, ERI - 25% Discounted Price $598 Each
  • (OWL, PTF, TLM, ERI - Regular Price $798 Each)
  • Scanners - 25% Discounted Price $598 Each
  • (Scanners - Regular Price $798 Each)

Only $399

30-Day Trading Software Trial

30-Days of Platinum Care – For unlimited live remote technical support and installation of your software.
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Lifetime Access To Ongoing Weekly Live Support Training Webinars (Lifetime Access) – Get interactive (you ask questions and get answers in real time) education with Bennett McDowell on how to use the tools on any market and in any time frame and on the specific charting platform you are using
$5,000 value


Online A.R.T. Home Study Course – Covering money management, trading psychology and how to use the ART® software complete with over 3-hours of instructional videos PLUS: Workbook, Study Manual and more.
$498 value



Charting Platforms That The ART, OWL, PTF, TLM, And ERI Software Is Compatible With

The ART, OWL, PTF, TLM, and ERI are compatible with and plug into a variety of charting platforms including:

  • TradeStation
  • NinjaTrader
  • eSignal
  • Multicharts
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Charting Platforms That The Scanning Software Is Compatible With

The Turbo Scanner, Elliott Wave Scanner, Confirmer Scanner, and Multiple Time Frame Scanner are compatible with and plug into a variety of charting platforms including:

  • TradeStation
  • NinjaTrader
  • Multicharts

"Hey Ben, I wanted to again take some time out to sincerely thank you for all you have done for me (and all of your students) over the last four years. I read somewhere that the chance of succeeding in trading for a living is less than for a high school football player to make it to the NFL. I believe this is true as nothing has been as challenging in my life. On the other hand, nothing has been as rewarding. I could never have achieved what I have without you, Jean, and your team. I know I ask for a lot of advice from you and I hope I can get the chance to repay you in some way someday. I have religious entry and exit rules and what has really made the difference in the last two years has been learning when to day-trade futures and when to switch hats and swing trade options. Overall, I achieve consistent 3-5% on full capital per month with a 55-60% win/loss ratio and a payoff ratio of just less than 2:1.  Thanks again and as always it goes without saying that whatever direction you can point me in, I will be an “ART disciple” for the rest of my career and will never be able to praise your work enough."

Keith M. Waretown, NJ

Meet Bennett McDowell, Creator Of The Suite Of Software Tools


bennettBennett A. McDowell, founder of®, began his financial career on Wall Street and later became a Registered Securities Broker and Financial Advisor for Prudential Securities and Morgan Stanley.  As a financial advisor, Bennett’s niche was Active Trading and Investing for a community of high net worth clients using his own proprietary trading system.  This system later became known as the Applied Reality Trading®, or the ART®, system.

Bennett brought the ART software to the public in the year 2003.  Today the ART system is used in over 80 countries around the world by sophisticated hedge fund managers, individual investors and active traders alike. Since the ART software was released, McDowell has developed many additional software tools that are also being used worldwide.

An expert in technical analysis and complex trading platforms, Bennett speaks at trade shows including the Trader’s Expo and writes articles for many leading trading publications including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.  Internationally recognized as a leader in trading education, Bennett teaches trading to students worldwide through his company, Applied Reality Trading and The Traders Assistant® Record Keeping System have received numerous Stocks & Commodities magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

McDowell has written three bestselling books published by John Wiley & Sons: The ART® of Trading, A Trader’s Money Management System and Survival Guide for Traders. His new book Elliott Wave Techniques Simplified was released by McGraw Hill in 2016.

"I started equity momentum/position live trading using ART and Top 10 picks in January. I just completed my 100th trade when SUNE hit its price target this morning. I have doubled my equity trading capital in 11 months. Of particular satisfaction is the fact that of the 100 trades, 6 were my own picks, based on your coaching/training and the ART system and I am at 100% win on those picks! I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you do. The tools, support and encouragement that TradersCoach provides is outstanding and I look forward to continuing to work with you and to continue to grow as a trader. Thanks and many blessings to you."

Dean J. Olympia, WA

"Investors need every tool and ounce of sound advice that is available to them. My only regret is that I did not have ART 20 years ago. It would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars difference in my portfolio and a major difference in the quality of my life and that of my family. The fact that you can buy the powerful ART software license, good for life, that will guide you through the innumerable investment decisions before you in these perilous times for a pittance, relatively, is nothing short of awesome. But like most important decisions in life, if you listen to the wrong voices, you will make wrong decisions."

Howard B. Abilene, TX