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Bennett McDowell has created the "Trader's Assistant" to increase your trading edge so you grow your profits.

The "Trader's Assistant" can be used for stocks, commodities/futures, and options, but not for Forex.

Not only does "The Trader's Assistant" keep you organized, but it quickly helps you to identify your trading strengths and weaknesses. I cannot over emphasize the importance of analyzing your trading with "The Trader's Assistant"! If you as a trader don't know your average win, your average loss, trading system % of wins vs. losses, win to loss ratio, your largest win, your largest loss; then how are you going to fix your trading?

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"Hi Bennett I am Enzo from Brooklyn NY would like to thank you your support in using trader assistant. I really like the program, it helps me to spot the mistakes I do in my trading so each day I try to correct something that other wise I wouldn't have seen, thank you ciao."

Enzo A., Brookyn, NY USA

"...I am very satisfied at the valuable information contained in both "The Survival Guide For Traders" book and "The Trader's Assistant™" trade posting & organizer. In addition, "The Trader's Assistant™" is easy to use and very useful. You all seem to have it well covered, thanks very much!"

Dr. Dennis P. - Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Trader's Assistant Advanced
Record Keeping System

Lifetime License for this record keeping and trade analysis software that keeps you organized and helps you research past trades and improve results.  Complete with trade ledgers, trade posting cards and the ability to graph your equity curve and track your win ratio and payoff ratio instantly.

$998 value

Trader's Assistant Screen Shots

ScoreBoard - Closed Trade Stats

Open Trade Ledger

Trade Posting Card

Your Equity Curve

Trade Exit Details

Closed Trade Ledger

ROR Calculator - Percent To Risk

The Daily Worksheet

Trade Notes

"Hi Ben, I love your work. I own The Traders Assistant... Awesome products.

Mark B., Renton WA. USA

"Just wanted to let you know I received "The Trader's Assistant™", it's an excellent concept and looks to be very workable....."

Randy B. - Gladstone, MO USA

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I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the Trader's Assistant!

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